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“If we want to invite ecstasy into our lives, we must be willing to abandon anxiety and comfort of pain and fears. As Tantrikas we are not judgemental. Come tell me your fantasies, your fears and your Dreams.”

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About Me

Let me welcome you to your tantric journey and let me be your guide. I am a very experienced tantrica, trained and well versed in the tantric arts.

I will introduce you to levels of pleasure and feeling well beyond those you may have experienced before so come, and let’s journey to the realms of pleasure together.

Just to let you know my fees are from £180 per hour..

Please read through the information and call to book appointments.


Orgasm Therapy

By a qualified and trained therapist in Tantra, Orgasm Therapy

“Orgasm Therapy is when an orgasm is activated in an therapeutic stimulated method”

The Therapeutic Orgasm is an incredible healthy and an energetic experience. It will help Hormonal disfunction, promote and liberate Oxytocine, the so called the “happy hormone” which also play a part in helping cementing the bond between partners.

Man, Women, Gay, Lesbian or Transgender. Orgasm Therapy is everyone.


Vamarca Tantra Therapy

A technique promote multiple orgasms

Vamacara Tantra Therapy for those who wants to find out a fun way to gain more knowledge of their owns bodies energy. Vamacara Tantrikas embraces the opposites, seeing them not as contradictions but as components. The components of male and female are therefore not set apart, but viewed as two polarities that meet and merge in every human being.

In Vacamara Tantra the man can be:

  • Encouraged to his soft ,receptive, vulnerable, feminine aspect.
  • Empowered to give pleasure without a specific goal.

For her part, the women can:

  • explore her masculine dimension, recognising that she is capable of dynamic leadership in pleasuring.
  • Be empowered to take the initiative creating new always of guiding, teaching her partner.

Vamarca Tantra Therapy

Vamacara Tantric Therapy will help you experience cosmic energy in a state of consciousness.

On our path, pleasure , vision and ecstasy are celebrated. It embraces and enhances all forms of creativity expression, such as massage, music, dance. Through experiencing and glorying in the delights of the body , the body becomes a temple in which you experience the sacred. In an ecstatic union. Though this come the harmonisation of their own internal masculine and feminine polarisation of the blissful nature of oneself.

Ideal also for others health benefits related to stress, premature ejaculation, impotence and anorgasmia (those who can’t orgasm).

Location: Kensington Olympia, London

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